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Over the past few weeks, my opponent and the special interest groups supporting her have spread false claims about me. But let's stick to the truth and set the record straight.

  • I oppose the 1619 Project and its woke ideology.

  • I support SCHOOL CHOICE, and more choice for parents in deciding their children’s education. And I believe that charter schools must be a part of this equation.

  • I have fought against inappropriate material in textbooks and my expertise has been used to ensure balanced and accurate educational materials.

  • I did not contribute to a Democrat’s campaign for State Board of Education and would not donate to a Democrat for SBOE. I gave a contribution to the victims of the El-Paso tragedy that I thought was going to help other Texans in their time of need.

Georgina Cecilia Perez.webp

Her record makes it clear: Texans need to keep Pam Little in Austin as their fighter, advocate, and voice on the State Board of Education.

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