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Pam Little


Pam Little has been a consistent voice for Texas educators, parents, and students in Austin. Delivering conservative results for all Texans has been Pam’s top priority, ensuring that Texas’ education system remains strong while the needs of both students and educators have been met.

Pam's accomplishments along with the State Board of Education include:

Implemented phonics and cursive writing back in Texas classrooms, with a focus on improving reading scores across our state

Included science and engineering practices in the science standards

Updated the Dyslexia handbook

Expanded mental health standards to build healthy relationships

Reviewed career and technology courses

Added an energy cluster to career and technology courses

Approved a personal financial literacy course

Required a Texas specific platform for electronic instructional materials

If Texans re-elect Pam this year, they can count on her to continue delivering the results that Texans need on the State Board of Education, including revising high stakes assessments and revamping testing to take a more diagnostic approach.


Her record makes it clear: Texans need to keep Pam Little in Austin as their fighter, advocate, and voice on the State Board of Education. 

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