Pam Little


Pam Little has been a consistent voice for Texas educators, parents, and students in Austin. Delivering conservative results for all Texans has been Pam’s top priority, ensuring that Texas’ education system remains strong while the needs of both students and educators have been met.

Over the past four years, Pam has delivered the results Texans need on the State Board of Education. Here are just a few of Pam’s many accomplishments:

Pam implemented phonics and cursive writing back in Texas classrooms, with a focus on improving reading scores across our state.

Pam fought to improve health standards in Texas schools, with a focus on bullying and providing content encouraging students to accept one another.

Pam worked to revise science standards in our classrooms to place a greater focus on reading and engineering strategies.

Pam has been a consistent advocate for giving Texas students the skills they need to succeed in life outside of school, including job development and community service.

If Texans re-elect Pam this year, they can count on her to continue delivering the results that Texans need on the State Board of Education, including revising high stakes assessments to be more equitable to our state and revamping testing to take a more diagnostic approach.


Her record makes it clear: Texans need to keep Pam Little in Austin as their fighter, advocate, and voice on the State Board of Education.