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Pam Little

Conservative Leadership,
Conservative Results

Throughout her tenure on the State Board of Education, Pam Little has worked diligently to deliver conservative results for North Texas. And her work has brought about many successes for parents and students in our district.


As your SBOE member, Pam fought to keep woke curriculum out of Texas schools and has ensured that every instance of wokeism in our public schools brought forward to the SBOE has been addressed swiftly and sternly. Pam understands how important it is for our state to keep woke ideology and indoctrination out of our public schools.


In addition, Pam fought to keep library policies out of Texas that promoted a Marxist ideology. While Democrats on the SBOE pushed a policy that encouraged children to read outside of the guidance of their parents and teachers, Pam fought back and ensured that parents remain the ultimate voice in their children’s education – not the woke activists who push harmful materials to our schools.


Pam also fought hard to keep social justice curriculum out of our state’s science standards. While liberals tried to use our science education in Texas as a platform for pushing dangerous indoctrination, Pam fought back to keep this material out of Texas public schools.


With her conservative leadership, Pam has fought to improve Texas education while simultaneously fighting back against the activists who want to turn our schools into a breeding ground for wokeism. It's no wonder that the Republican members of the SBOE have trusted Pam to serve as Vice Chairwoman of the board for a second term. Pam has always stood by her principles and will continue to do so as your SBOE member.


Pam's accomplishments along with the State Board of Education include:

  • Implementing cursive writing back in Texas classrooms, with a focus on improving reading scores across our state

  • Placing a greater emphasis on science and engineering practices in our state’s science and education standards.

  • Updating the state’s dyslexia handbook

  • Improving and reviewing career and technology courses to better prepare Texas students for life beyond the classroom

  • Adding an energy cluster to career, technology and entrepreneurship courses

  • Bringing personal financial literacy education to Texas schools

  • Passing a requirement that electronic instructional materials include a Texas-specific platform

When Texans re-elect Pam Little, they can rest assured that she will continue delivering results on the State Board of Education. Pam will work to improve our education system for the benefit of all Texas students and will continue working toward her goal of revamping testing in our state to take a more diagnostic approach.


Her record makes it clear: Texans need to keep Pam Little in Austin as their fighter, advocate, and voice on the State Board of Education.

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